What is it
Bio Aligner

The Bio Aligner Institute by Kamy Malekian is following in the footsteps of the BIO Clinic in Madrid, which, since 2001, has been a pioneer in the use of Invisalign for its patients.

It has professionals who have a high degree of training in all dental specialties, and a multidisciplinary team offering continued annual training along with prestigious international contributors. The training is aimed at clinical results and everyday practice and is backed by the sector’s main companies, associations, and organizations.

Dr. Kamy Malekian (Spain)

Posgraduate Orthodontic degree from U.C.M University Madrid 1999
  • Pioneer in Spain with the Invisalign® technique since 2001.
  • Visiting professor at Orthodontic postgraduate UCM Madrid since 2001.
  • Invisalign International Clinical Speaker since year 2002.
  • Invisalign Faculty member.
  • Lectured more than 280 Invisalign Certification & Study Clubs throughout Europe, as well as spoken at all European Summit editions from 2005 to 2017.
  • Speaker at Invisalign congress events China, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Italy, India, Thailand.
  • Speaker at APAC Invisalign Summit 2016 and 1st South Asia Forum 2017.
  • Speaker at EMEA Invisalign Summit Dubai 2017.
  • Speaker at SEPA Ortho-Perio Congress 2017.
  • Speaker at EAS 2018 (European Aligner Society).
  • Treated more than 2000 Invisalign Treatments. Invisalign Diamond doctor since 2012.
  • Top European Invisalign award case submission year 2007.
  • Invisalign Peer Award 2015 and 2017 International Gallery Case published.