Dr. Kenji Ojima (Japan)

Studies of Dentistry at the University of Showa (Tokyo-Japan)
  • Postgraduate student in Orthodontics at the University of Showa, department of Orthodontics
  • Private practice as a specialist in Orthodontics in Tokyo (Shinjuku and Hongo) since 2007 with Dr.
    Dan, Dr. Kumagai, Dr.Watanabe, Dr.Seko and Dr.Sugawara.
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Orthodontics Asian Chapter president.
  • Speaker in Japan, Italy, Australia, Germany, Austria, Swiss, Poland, Iran, Mexico, Hong Kong, Taiwan,
    Korea, Indonesia and United States.
  • President of JAPAN Academy of Aligner Orthodontics.
  • Adjunct Professor. University of Torino (Italy) Department of Orthodontics.
  • Advisory Board Biolux.
  • DSD/Aligner Key Opinion Leader.

Dr. Kamy Malekian (Spain)

Posgraduate Orthodontic degree from U.C.M University Madrid 1999
  • Pioneer in Spain with the Invisalign® Technique since 2001.
  • Private practice as specialist in orthodontics in Madrid (Clinica BIO) with Dr.Eva Rosa, Dr.Pepa Calvo .
  • Visiting professor at Orthodontic postgraduate UCM University Madrid.
  • Invisalign International Clinical Speaker.
  • Faculty speaker Invisalign member.
  • Lectured more than 280 Invisalign Certification & Study Clubs throughout Europe, as well as spoken at all European Summit editions from 2005 to 2017.
  • Speaker at Invisalign congress events China, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Italy, India, Thailand.
  • Invisalign Peer Award 2015 and 2017 International Gallery Case published.
  • Key Opinion Leader Biolux Orthopulse.

K&K Diamond
Master Class

April 2019 DUBAI





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